The Fatty Truth About Fast Food in the United States


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This is the latest infographic by the people over at Infographics World, who specialize in Infographic design and promotions. This specific Infographic was created for Infographics World themselves, rather than a client, and showcases some hard hitting facts behind fast food. While there have been a variety of fast food infographics in the past, the data behind calories and obesity rates never cease to amaze. Some of the facts from this infographic include:

  • There are over 300,000 fast food establishments in the US
  • The industry feeds 25% of the nation on a daily basis
  • The industry generated $178billion in sales in 2009 alone
  • Jack in the Box is paving the way when it comes to average calories per meal, with 1400 calories on average
  • Wendy’s averages 19g of fat per meal, which is the highest average when compared to other fast food restaurants
  • Childhood intake of fast food has increased 500% since 1980
  • Childhood obesity rates have increased 219% since 1980

The design of this infographic includes some fun elements from the fast food industry, with the title looking like a McDonalds sign and the coffin at the bottom mirroring a chicken nugget box. I do wish they would have included sources though, which many infographics tend to miss by the time they get to the end.

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