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Today’s infographic is from It covers about a bazillion facts regarding Valentine’s day, right in time for the Hallmark holiday. Upon submitting the infographic, the folks at said the following:

Have you ever wondered about the origins of St. Valentine’s Day? Have you spent several sleepless nights wondering how to make Mama Juana? Or are you curious about how many candy hearts are produced each year, and how long they’d stretch if laid end-to-end? Find answers to these questions and more in this “Valentine’s Day Facts of Love” infographic. Learn the evolution of Valentine’s Day and how other countries celebrate. Discover love potions and aphrodisiacs from around the world. See what color roses are most popular (spoiler alert: red). Or get a snapshot of how we express our love on Valentine’s Day.

I’ll be honest, this is an intimidating infographic. There’s A LOT of data and the organization of it all is a bit hard to take in. It’s very wordy and too large. Just to read everything I have to scroll both left and right, which is a big deterrent for most viewers. the designer could have easily taken the far right column and moved it the the bottom of the infographic so that I wouldn’t have to scroll everywhere just to take things in.

All that said, those are the only fixes I’d suggest. While this is text heavy, the designer does a good job of balancing it out with great icons and charts. The color scheme is well branded and the typography is nice. This infographic is 90% of the way there and could stand a few small changes to make it 100%.


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