The Economics of Star Wars


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Any Star Wars fan will enjoy this new infographic from, which covers the economics of Star Wars by showing how George Lucas’ belief in the story helped him negotiate for millions of dollars, while 20th Century Fox thought that they were on the winning end of the deal instead.

The infographic begins by showing that George Lucas “opted for a meek salary” in exchange for 40% of the net box-office gross, all rights to future sequels, and ownership of all the merchandising rights for anything related to Star Wars. The infographic then goes on to show just how much revenue Star Wars has earned at the box office, which adds up to over $4billion. Next, it goes on to show how much revenue has been brought in by merchandise like video games, action figures, and toys. It ends by adding all of this up and showing that the Star Wars franchise has earned $22billion!

Overall, this information is very fun, but the infographic leads us to believe that George Lucas has grossed $22billion from the franchise, which is not accurate. He negotiated 40% of the box office gross, which means 40% after all expenses have been taken from revenue earned. This infographic shows revenue earned and only shows the gross of the first Star Wars movie. It would be interesting for this infographic to go into further detail, as there are only 6 major facts on here and it can easily have more. Maybe should create a part 2 that really analyzes the numbers and shows just how much George Lucas actually has made from the Star Wars franchise so far.

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