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FarmVille has become so popular over the last few months that it has become the hot topic for infographics. jumped on the bandwagon and created this infographic about the economics of social game FarmVille. Millions of hours of productivity are wasted each year as people zone out and harvest crops on their virtual farms. This infographic notes that FarmVille has 80 million active users each month, and 31 million each day. Many people only use Facebook to play FarmVille, and game creator Zynga is reaping the rewards alongside Facebook.

Roughly 60% of people playing FarmVille are woman and 40% are men. This game is becoming so addictive that a number of players are using real money to get them further along with their virtual farm. Using real money allows them to accelerate things that would take weeks or months of harvest to earn virtual profit. The game is so addicting that the infographic reports it has lured in celebrities like Rachel Ray, Ellen, Lady GaGa, and Wyclef Jean. Additionally the addictiveness of the game has resulted in people losing their job, as noted in the infographic.

Overall this is a useful infographic, but the content is very dense. It would be nice to see them spread things out a bit or use less text when possible. This would allow the infographic to be more easily understood, without having to spend too much time trying to read all the details.

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