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cost of shipping
Infographic Brought to you By Milo

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Millions of people have made an purchases from an online store or mail order catalog, and received an order in a shipping box in the mail. However not many people know about the true costs of shipping, and how it impacts consumers, retailers, and the environment. This detailed infographic from does a great job of breaking down the data, and providing insight into the cost of shipping. One interesting fact from the infographic is that consumers are paying more to have products shipped to them as fuel costs have increased.

Overall, the infographic has a great deal of data displaying the rise in shipping costs over the years and its impact to everyone involved in the process. Some of the more interesting points noted include the cost of shipping by carrier, the cost of restock fees, and the fact that in 2008, 40% of online shoppers abandoned their shopping cart due to high shipping costs. Of course, this number has decreased over time, which this infographic doesn’t show, but other studies in the e-commerce space have suggested. This is due to improved technology with online storefronts and e-commerce solutions, which show shipping calculations in real-time as items are added to a consumer’s shopping cart.

While this infographic is rich with data, the layout of the data in the consumer and retailer sections make it a bit difficult to take in all at once. So you have to spend some time looking at all the parts in the section, to fully understand it. Overall a very solid infographic from Milo.

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