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This infographic comes to us from and covers many interesting facts about the Commonwealth Games. As the infographic states, the Commonwealth Games began life as the “Festival of Empire” in 1911, before the first “British Empire Games” in 1930. The event didn’t become known as the “Commonwealth Games” until 1978.

The infographic leads with a fact that I had to double check to believe. I always knew that James Earl Jones played Darth Vader, but didn’t realize that he was only the voice of Darth Vader and that Dave Prowse was actually the one who wore the suite. In other words, Dave Prowse was a good heavy breather and mime.

When describing this infographic, said the following:

The Commonwealth Games might not be the most watched event in the world but we did manage to pull out some interesting facts for the fans slowly losing interest in the New Delhi dramas. Who would have known that Darth Vader actually had some “force” in real life, or that anyone even gives a rats about Tasmania?

Its also pretty clear that the Commonwealth Games is a 2 country race between Australia and England. Why do the other countries even bother? Or maybe even England shouldn’t bother judging by the gold medal count. Bottom line, this infographic is probably more eye catching than the Games itself.

I’ll have to agree with them, this infographic is more eye catching than the Games itself.


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