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This infographic comes to us from and covers the history of Australia’s Melbourne Cup. According to the infographic:

The Melbourne Cup is said to be the brain child of Captain Frederick Standish, a former Chairman of the VRC, who conceived of a “good handicap” that would allow the Victoria Turf Club to compete with its rival the Victorian Jockey Club. His unique race required handicap conditions over two miles and created significant interest from the first running in 1861. Arguably the biggest event on Australia’s sporting calendar, the ‘race that stops the nation’ is now the greatest 3200m handicap in the world.

The infographic then delves into history and facts related to the Melbourne Cup. Upon submission, had this to say about the infographic:

One of the most prestigious horse racing events in Australia, the Melbourne Cup, will stop the nation as everyone takes a punt on horses they have no idea about. Working offices will have staff glued to the television screen for a race that lasts for maybe less than a minute, and betting fanatics might have to refinance their mortgages after sizable bids on their (most likely) losing horses. Who care! Its an Australian tradition! Prepare for the 150th Melbourne Cup!

While the infographic is filled with information, it is very wordy and hard to take in all at once. The heart section is especially overwhelming. That said, it would be improved by including more images and less text, as infographics should mainly focus on design to tell the story, not paragraph upon paragraph of information.

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