The Battle for Your Living Room… an Infographic?


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This infographic comes to us from Capstone Creations and shows the current “battle for your living room” based on various media players that are trying to take the place of TV. While the infographic itself is not much of an actual graphic as it is a chart with only 3 pictures, it does provide some good data. First of all, I only knew of the Apple TV and Boxee until I saw this, and now I know about the Roku Player. The Roku Player does look like an old fashioned Atari though, so we’ll see how well it will perform. All in all, Boxee seems to be the winner since it hosts multiple video formats and is compatible with a variety of websites. None of these are compatible with Hulu it would seem, which is a sad downfall, but understandable since all of these new media players are a business in the end and want to make money continuously through movie and TV show sales.

The creators of the infographic said the following:

After years of false-starts and not-quite-there implementations, and no one really caring or noticing, it appears that the connected TV revolution is upon us. Finally, consumers will have access to affordable technology that will let them access web content and content from their Macs or PCs from the comfort of the couch, without expensive HTPC setups or complicated software. The battle for the living room is finally here.

As mentioned already, this isn’t really much of an infographic… in fact, I’m not sure it can even be called one. It’s a side by side comparison chart with a nice background and an unfortunate font choice. The information is interesting, but it didn’t need to be put in infographic format to be displayed.

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