The Apps Showdown: Facebook vs. iPhone vs. Android

facebook vs iphone vs android apps showdown
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This infographic, brought to you by, shows the number of applications for 3 different platforms: Facebook, the iPhone, and the Android. Interestingly enough, Facebook has far more apps than the iPhone and the Android combined. While this infographic does not cover a lot of information, it does a good job of displaying the major points and one can see that Facebook is the winner within the first few seconds of looking at the image. Facebook has over 550,000 apps, with 1,000,000 developers, and the average cost for an application is $0.

Of course, the big question to consider is whether or not this is an apples to apples comparison. Facebook itself comes as a mobile application on the iPhone and Android phones, and is not something you can carry in your pocket without these mobile devices. Because Facebook apps are not something that can help with the day-to-day in a way that a mobile application can, the iPhone and Android apps are very different. Regardless, it’s a fun infographic that displays some interesting points, but whether this is an even match is another question all together.

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