System Wars: 7 Generations of Console Competition Infographic


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This infographic, created by, has absolutely nothing to do with renters insurance. The infographic instead covers a history of video game consoles starting with the original Atari and the Color TV Game from Nintendo. A nice organizational aspect of this infographic is that the time-line is color coded based on the generation of the gaming console. So, for instance, 1st generation consoles are in red, 2nd generation in orange, all the way to 7th generation in hot pink. Each gaming system has a number of facts associated to them and going through this infographic is somewhat like a trip down memory lane.

All in all, the infographic is OK, but the information is not too easy to digest. The best part of the infographic is the bottom, which shows the best selling consoles worldwide:

  • XBOX 360: $432.3 million in sales
  • NintendoDS: $133.1 million in sales
  • Nintendo Wii: $73.3 million in sales
  • PSP: $59.5 million in sales
  • PS3: $37 million in sales

One major issue with this bottom graph, though, is the fact that the XBOX is listed to have the most sales, yet it’s one of the smallest bars on the graph. This means that either the bar is supposed to be higher, or the decimal point is in the wrong place. I’d do the research, but the infographic was supposed to do that for me.

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