Super Plant Azolla (Infographic)


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This infographic was submitted to us by an independent designer from India and is about the Azolla plant. What I like about this infographic is that the design is simple and clean. The color scheme works well and all of the data visualization fits into the infographic well. I also like that she covers so much information in such a small space. I also think that the image of the bacteria is incorporated very well.

This infographic could use a bit more data visualization, however. I would have liked to see the infographic be larger to include more prominent data visualization – make the map and the pie chart (which needs percentages rather than just text) bigger and find ways to visualize the other data besides text. It would also be nice to see the text pared down considerably. Infographics should be understandable even when all the text is removed. If the data is tough to visualize, it is best to still be as concise as possible. It would also be better to change the dimensions of this to that of a more traditional infographic so that the reader does not have to scroll horizontally in order to view it at full size.

Overall, this is a great start to an infographic that could definitely be fantastic after just a few tweaks.

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