Stress at work: Symptoms, causes and how to beat it [Infographic]


This infographic was produced by Shepherds Friendly Society.

This infographic was produced by Shepherds Friendly Society.

Score from the experts at Killer Infographics

Visual Communication - 70%
Design - 65%
Content/Script - 65%
Usability - 80%


Final Grade

This infographic presents some data about stress in the workplace as well as some tips about how to remedy it. The data-driven approach as well as accompanying visualizations do some great work to keep the visuals and the content both advancing the infographic's communication. Furthermore, the consistent color palette and illustration style achieve a cohesiveness across the infographic, and while subtle differences in the icon style are noticeable, they don't detract from overall comprehension. All of the icons and illustrations do connect to their corresponding points, though at times some could be clearer. The copy itself is clear and compact when associated with data. The amount grows when associated with tips rather than data points, and while this is inconsistent, the points overall are still clear and on-subject. Although there is room for additional consistency throughout this infographic, it overall does an effective job of capturing information both visually and through text. We'd give this a C.

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