Steve Buscemi Creep-O-Meter Infographic

steve buscemi creep-o-meter
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This infographic is nothing short of hysterical. Brought to us by, this infographic covers the all important question of the universe: just how creepy is Steve Buscemi?

As stated by Complex:

Complex loves Steve Buscemi. Like, to the point that it’s creepy. Do you have a list of the character actor’s best on-screen blinks and twitches written in blood red lipstick in your back pocket in case you ever meet him and have the opportunity to praise him effusively face to face? Admittedly, we’re a bit off, but it’s a reciprocal relationship, as our obsession stems from the brilliantly creepy characters he’s given us (and us alone). This Sunday night, we strongly (and creepily) recommend you watch the Martin Scorsese-directed pilot episode of Boardwalk Empire, HBO’s new period crime drama, in which Buscemi absolutely kills it as Enoch “Nucky” Thompson, the crooked Atlantic City politician/gangster who keeps his town “wetter than a mermaid’s twat” trafficking booze during Prohibition. It’s too soon to say how Nucky will rank amongst his weirder characters, but in honor of the excellent addition to his filmography, we created a ranking of memorable Buscemi roles, from least to most creepy. We present to you The Steve Buscemi Creep-O-Meter…

All in all, this is a very fun infographic that is nothing short of creepy. It features a simple meeter and then ranks Buscemi from lovable and innocent (green) to absolutely insane (red). I recently watched Con Air for a second time while sitting in a dentist’s chair getting a cavity filled, and let me tell you… that whole experience made Buscemi’s character even more terrifying than one would expect.


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