STD Statistics Worldwide (Infographic)


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This infographic on STD Statistics Worldwide comes to us from the folks at At first glance, this is a fantastic infographic. The colors (with the exception of the green) are great, it is clean and simple, and all of the data is visualized very well. The maps for each section work very well to show the prevalence of the various STDs. The graphs in all the sections work well also.

The sections about Africa and South America are a bit text heavy; I think that paring down the text and making the data vis more prominent could work well here. Also, the green doesn’t work with the color scheme as well as the other colors. A bluer green might work better. Finally, I think that the infographic could use a much better title. “Over One Million People Are Infected With an STD Every Day,” is an important statistic, but it would be better as a subheading than the title of the infographic. The map of the US at the top could be a little more interesting too if it showed the distribution of different STDs across the country. I also think that the statistic at the end comparing Cuba to the Bahamas could be visualized a bit differently – right now it is a little bit confusing.

Overall, this is a great infographic that could benefit from just a few touch-ups.


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