Standardizing Standards in Education


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This is a good infographic from which covers standardization in the world of education. tends to put out a number of infographics related to education, and each infographic does a good job of speaking to some basic flaws in our current system of public schooling. This infographic does a good job of showing the flaws in standardization and how they impact our youth.

The infographic explains that there are lots of opinions about how to improve the American education system. But if you ask teachers (and they should know), they say that teachers need clearer academic standards, and that we need to have consistent standards across the country. The infographic then goes on to show teachers’ answers when asked which changes to current standards would improve academic achievement.

Overwhelmingly, the strongest impact would be clearer academic standards for students. This is followed by the establishment of consistent standards across all states. Tougher academic standards and fewer academic standards were not the most popular choices.

Beyond showing the survey results, the infographic also shows what states have academic standards and for what grades.

Ultimately, this is an interesting infographic, but similar to other education related infographics, it is a little sparse on data.


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