Stag & Hen Nights in the UK Infographic


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Today’s infographic comes to us from Banana Moon clothing, which is a UK based clothing company that offers personalized, embroidered, and printed clothing options for companies and people alike. Upon submitting this infographic, the folks at Banana Moon had the following to say:

In this infographic, Banana Moon show some interesting statistics about stag & hen nights in the United Kingdom. Including statistics of the top destinations, activities, cost & divorce rates.

All in all, this is an OK infographic, though it’s very short and the data isn’t actually visualized in any way. Really, this infographic is playing on typography and fun pictures to show all the data, when it should be using pie charts, bar graphs, and unique imagery to showcase all of this information. In the end, I’m still reading this infographic and the whole point of an infographic is NOT to read. Take all the text out of this infographic and you’re left with a bunch of random pictures that don’t make sense. So really, there is no data visualization going on here.

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