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This infographic was also created in 3D, which is a very creative way to describe a topic about the 3D medium. Hat’s off to Buzz Hays for thinking outside of the box:

the history of 3d in 3d

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Some people love watching movies in the 3D, while others would just prefer to watch a movie in 2D, the good old fashion way. Over the past couple years there has been an increase in the popularity of 3D, as more major blockbuster movies incorporate it, like James Cameron’s Avatar and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. This infographic detailed the history of 3D, and it even comes in a 2D and 3D version. So if you have 3D glasses you can experience the history of 3D, in 3D.

it all started in 1890, when William Friese-Green filed a patent for a 3D movie process that uses two screens. However it was not until 1922 when the first 3D film show occurred. This took place in Los Angeles, and the movie was The Power of Love. After that, not much happened until 1970, when technology improved, and then cool 3D movies like Jaws and Friday the 13th Part III debuted. Now we have IMAX theaters to watch 3D movies, plus a number of options for 3D HDTV’s that you can purchase for your home.

Overall this infographic is helpful and informative, but it lacks good statistics on the industry. It would have been great to see data on 3D HDTV sales, or top revenue generating 3D movies.

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