Social Technologies Infographic (SoTech Infographic V1.0)


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This infographic from SoTech Now displays how social technologies are impacting business. The infographic itself is a lot to take in, and more suited as a poster than something to be placed around the web. This is because it has a great deal of information charted out, but little design and no actual data.

The infographic is separated into 2 main sections, with 3 sub sections per, and then another 3 sub sections per. The 2 major sections focus on social technology in the business vs. outside the business. Next, the infographic shows 3 categories in the business that use social technology including development, operational, and leadership. It also displays 3 categories outside the business which include customer service, reputation management, and acquisition and retention. For each of these sub categories, the infographic describes the purpose of the business, followed by the social technology used in the business, and concluding with metrics for success related to this social technology.

Overall, the infographic is highly informative, but a bit too much to take in for a standard infographic. SoTech Now is selling it as a poster for $13.95, which is more appropriate for this level of information and text.


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