Social Media: A History

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This timeline on the history of social media was submitted to us by the folks at Tenth Wave. Here is what they had to say about it upon submitting it to us:

The term “Social Media” is relatively new, but the origins of digital fraternization go back decades. In honor of Social Media Day, here’s a quick trip through the milestones in Social Media’s colorful—and continuing—evolution.

A lot of infographics use time lines as the focal point, but since this only consists of a time line we cannot really call in an infographic. There is no data visualization. Furthermore, the theme of the design does not seem to go with the content at all: no one could be able to tell that this was about social media just by looking at it. There is also a lot of text and only three images – only one of which goes with the theme of the design. This is pretty sub-par – it is a time line about social media whose theme has nothing to do with social media!


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