Smoking Cessation: What Happens When You Quit (“Infographic”)


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This “infographic” was submitted to us by the folks at Here’s a little bit that they had to say about the infographic:

[This is] an illustration of what happens in the body from minutes up to years after you quit smoking. Much of the damage incurred from smoking can be reversed this infographic demonstrates how long it takes. Created by Joshua Murphy.

The overall design of this inforgraphic is pretty good – the illustrations and background are nice, and I really like the color scheme. The use of the clocks is good for displaying the data in the first section, but there is no other data visualization at all. The bottom half of the infographic has even more data than the rest of the infographic, but it is all text – there could easily be some calendar icons or something to show weeks, months, days and years. There could also be some data visualization represented the $54,000 that is saved – the number of cigarettes or packs, the price per pack and total savings over 15 years could be shown with cigarette or money icons.

Overall, I have to give this infographic a C because of the lack of data visualization. There is a lot of great information here that could definitely be visualized, and doing so would really take this to the next level and make it a lot more interesting. Another benefit to visualizing all of the information would be paring down the text and making all of the information much easier for the reader to take in.

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