Small Business and Natural Disasters (Infographic)


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This infographic was submitted to us by the folks at Bolt Insurance. Here’s what they had to say upon submitting it to us:

A graphical look at data on the importance of small business in the US along with the financial devastation natural disasters cause and their effect on Small Businesses. Includes step by step plans on how to prepare your business for a natural disaster.

This definitely wins the award for longest infographic ever. Ever. Click the image above to see the entire thing.

The biggest problem that we normally see with infographics is that there is not enough data visualization, but that seems to be the opposite case here. Although there is a lot of data visualization here, there is just way too much information included, period. Infographics should be consumable and able to be read quickly, even with large amounts of data. Even with all the graphs, there are still several sections of this infographic that are incredibly text-heavy. This thing takes forever to read, so the design doesn’t even really matter at this point. It would probably be better to consolidate this information, spread it across several different (but related) infographics, or find another medium for presenting all of this information altogether. Perhaps a novella?


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