Sex Heroes: Bedroom Endurance From “Real Men” Infographic


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This is yet another infographic from that covers sex heroes. Their first infographic submitted to us showcased the World’s Greatest Shaggers, while this one dives into detailed data about endurance in the bedroom. Upon submitting this infographic, here’s what the folks at had to say:

Our researchers/designer were tasked with designing a blog post which celebrated “spreading the love”. Unfortunately they took this a little too literally and came up with the concept of “Sex Heroes – Bedroom endurance from REAL men”. Ahem!

All in all, the design of this infographic is quite good and I do wish we were able to post it last week during Valentine’s since it’s focused on the holiday. That said, the data is a bit jumbled together. This doesn’t really cover bedroom endurance at all. Instead it showcases random stats about speed and length, which yes are innuendos for bedroom play, but do not really correlate. I’d love to see some catchy infographics about gifting from this company, since they are an online gift shop.

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