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This infographic comes to us from KnowledgeTree and depicts exactly what it would be like if Santa decided to use KnowledgeTree to manage his long list of Christmas gifts. Upon submitting the infographic, KnowledgeTree had the following to say:

In order to more efficiently manage the millions of letters he receives from children, Santa is working with KnowledgeTree to implement a new cloud-based document management system. This will enable Santa to create a more streamlined work environment for his incredibly busy and merry teams of elves, and simplify what can be a chaotic toy specification, manufacture and delivery process.

This infographic illustrates Santa’s complex workflow which includes reviewing the millions of letters he receives, compiling the naughty and nice lists, and managing the logistical processes that need to be completed by Christmas Eve in order to fulfill the wishes of children worldwide on Christmas Day.

Overall, there are some pros and cons to the infographic. One huge pro is that it is 1024×768 pixels, which is the average screen size for most computers. This makes it very easy to take in. Another great aspect of this infographic is that it showcases the KnowledgeTree logo. Some downfalls of the infographic are that it is too text heavy with very little imagery. It also doesn’t include any real stats. That said, we’re not one to talk here at Killer Infographics, because while we do produce a great deal of data driven infogrphics for our clients, we have been known to put out a fun holiday related infographic here and there that is just meant to be funny and has no data to drive it (see Sexy Halloween Costumes that Shouldn’t Be). As such, the purpose of this infographic is to display the abilities of KnowledgeTree, which the designer does a good job of in a fun way.

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