Rigsby’s Christmas Menu


The 2017 Christmas Menu at Rigsby’s Cafe Bar and Restaurant, Hertford

The 2017 Christmas Menu at Rigsby's Cafe Bar and Restaurant, Hertford

Score from the experts at Killer Infographics

Visual Communication - 30%
Design - 45%
Content/Script - 65%
Usability - 60%


Final Grade

This piece is a menu, but not really an infographic. The menu is well organized and easy to follow. With such a focus on the text, attention to detail is key — and in the case, some inconsistencies in punctuation and capitalization prove distracting and lessen the overall impact. The snowflake detail in the background is a nice touch, though the link to Christmas specifically could perhaps be stronger to enhance the visual link to the menu's timing. Also, the illustration style seems a bit rigid for the format. Overall, this menu has a solid foundation, but as an infographic, it would need additional balance between text and visuals. We'd give this an F.

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