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Today’s infographic comes to us from, which is a company that does SEO, PPC, and Social Media Optimization (SMO). Upon submitting this infographic, the folks at Single Grain had the following to say:

This infographic highlights the income and expense of some of the top tech giants in mobile space.

All in all, the infographic is OK. The design isn’t bad, the color scheme is nice, but man is this thing wordy. Wordy infographics are often a deterrent for many. Infographics are a very common method of online marketing these days. Because of that, the space is super cluttered. This means that, to stand out from the crowd, your infographic has to be amazing and definitely not intimidating. This infographic, though, is a bit intimidating with all the text and it is not the kind of eye candy people are getting used to. To improve this infographic, I suggest that they add more data visualization. For instance, a time line of each company with important stock figures would be a great addition. A chart that compares them side by side vertically would help too. Yes, they show this horizontally, but it’s hard to see because of all the scrolling, so a concise bar chart would be an additional perk. Some data about the company owners, with pics of each owner would also be a great addition, as this is something few know and would like to see. Finally, the logo should be on this infographic. Since it’s not, what’s to stop someone else from claiming credit for this infographic? Infographics are a tool for link building and brand building, both of those can’t be accomplished without a logo in the design.

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