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This infographic comes to us from and shows how quality is controlled before a shipment. According to the infographic:

Most consumer goods exported from low-cost Asia to Europe and the USA are inspected randomly. For example, for an order of 8,000 pieces, only 200 samples are selected for inspection.

The infographic goes on to ask and answer one question: How can an inspector draw valid conclusions after checking some pieces at random? The answer takes about 8 steps which include communicating requirements, an inspector visiting the factory, quantity verification, randomly selecting samples, cosmetic and workmanship check, conformity verification, testing in the factory, and then finally submitting a report.

Overall, the infographic is designed really well, the cartoon artistry is great, and all of the data is there… I guess my only question is “who cares?” Infographics are becoming exceedingly popular these days, mainly because they help websites build inbound links, which in turn helps them rank better in search engines. Because they are so popular, they also cost a pretty penny to produce. All that said, why spend the money producing an infographic that won’t go viral? There are many ways to take the topic of quality inspection and make it viral, but this isn’t one of them. As such, I’m not sure this infographic will get much love on a large scale.

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