The Most Widely Spoken Languages in the World Infographic

the most widely spoken languages infographic
This graphic has been produced by PS Translation to showcase our range of translation services.

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PS Translation Services has produced some informative infographics regarding how language is used throughout the world. This infographic utilizes a common theme among many infographics out there, which is the subway map system, to show the most widely spoken languages and who is speaking them.

The designer, James Wilson, states the following about this infographic:

This graphic illustrates the most widely spoken languages in the world and some of the countries these languages are spoken in. The track lines indicate the language, the stations show some of the countries these languages are spoken, and the key reveals the statistics for the languages. The list of countries is not exhaustive but can help the viewer navigate the world of languages.

The inspiration for this map came from the London Underground map – which in fact is not a map but a schematic diagram. As a schematic diagram it shows not the geographic but the relative positions of stations along the lines, stations’ connective relations with each other, and their fare zone locations.

This explanation helps better understand the infographic and shows why the schematic layout was a good choice for a graphic with so much detail and information. Currently, the infographic is available for download at a slightly larger size, which helps because its current size is too small to read with so much information. It would be nice if the largest size were available for view on the web though, as not many people are willing to download infographics.


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