Pollution & House Prices in the UK


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This infographic comes to us from Gartoo, a property search engine in the UK. The infographic details the correlation between house prices and pollutant factories in the UK. According to the infographic:

On average, every additional factory in your region reduces the average house price by 800 pounds. There are 1,320 polluting factories in the UK – 63% of them are in the North and Midlands.

The infographic goes on to prove this point by showing average house prices in the UK compared to the number of PCI sites in a side by side map. The more expensive house prices exist in the regions with less PCI sites. What is a PCI you ask? They are facilities registered under the integrated Pollution Control framework set up to monitor environmental pollution. There are 244 PCI sites in the North West region of the UK, and house prices are only 153,000 pounds on average.

A bubble correlation graph sits in the middle of this infographic to further drive home the point that house prices are more affordable in areas with more PCI sites.

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