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Today’s infographic comes from, which is a website out of the UK that people can use to find a cosmetic surgery clinic. While I personally think that plastic surgery (for vanity) is pathetic (sorry to anyone with a boob job… again I said for vanity, there are plenty of people who have needed plastic surgery for none vain/health reasons), the infographic does a good job of showing just how many people think plastic surgery is great. In fact, the infographic details the UK’s addiction to Plastic Surgery, which is on the rise (especially Liposuction).

Upon submitting the infographic, ClinicCompare had this to say about it:

This is an overview of the UK’s Plastic Surgery Market. The infographic shows the huge growth of plastic surgery in the UK over the past five years, that Britain is obsessed by Boob Jobs as this is easily the most popular operation, how that 10 times more women than men opt to have plastic surgery and the types of surgery they have. It also shows the vanity of different cities and regions throughout the UK with Sheffield the most vain place and the Outer Hebrides the least vain place.

All in all, the infographic does a good job of showing just how much plastic surgery is a way of life in the UK. My only complaint with the infographic is how it is broken up, as it looks like multiple images rather than one uniform graphic. This is because of the different backgrounds for each section. All that is needed to unite the images is a border, which would be a nice addition next time around.

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