Peak Oil: How Much Oil is Left?


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This eye opening infographic by Carrentals, explains peak oil and how much oil is actually left on the planet. As the demand for oil continues to grow, the supply depletes, leading us to a future where oil prices will continue to increase until there is eventually no oil left. The infographic begins by explaining peak oil as follows (spelling errors from the infographic are fixed in the below quote):

Peak oil is the point in time when the maximum rate of global petroleum extraction is reached, after which the rate of production enters terminal decline. Leading geophysicists predict that peak is either currently occurring, or will have occurred by 2015. Meanwhile, demand for oil continues to increase at extraordinary rates. Which raises the question… How much oil is left?

The infographic then goes on to show global oil production which shows the US in the lead with 18,686 thousand barrels produced per day and China second with less than half of America’s production with 8,625 thousand barrels per day. The infographic continues by displaying a variety of other stats related to country-wide oil production, U.S. states with the largest oil production, and gasoline prices per state. Along the right hand side of the infographic is a time-line, which is a great addition that fits in with the design while providing pertinent information.

As the time-line ends, the infographic jumps into the answer to the question: How much oil is left? The answer, according to BP, is an infinite amount… which must be why they let their oil leak go on for 5 months. The answer according to experts is that there is only 43 years of oil supply left. The next question to ask yourself is this: What will we do when we run out of oil?


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