Not an Infographic, But Useful: Google+ Cheat Sheet


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This was submitted to us by the folks at It’s not an infographic since there is no data visualization, but it does contain information on pretty much anything you need to know in order to use Google+. Here are some of the highlights:

  • If a person has more than one profile picture, clicking on the profile picture will rotate them. This is a unique feature of Google+.
  • You can move through the photos of an album with your scroll wheel on the mouse.
  • If a post annoys you by reminding you when it receives new comments, click the down arrow against the post. This brings up a drop-down menu, from you which you can select “Mute this post” and hide all future notifications regarding that specific post.
  • I really love having all of the Google+ information all in one place. As with most other Google tools, Google+ has a ton of neat little features that many users would likely overlook had someone not pointed it out to them. That said, the usefulness of this infographic does not really make up for its design and although I hate to do it, I have to give this infographic a D (if it did not contain such topical and useful information, I would give it an F). It is 100% text-driven, which means that it is not an infographic. The overall design is a bit subpar as well. There are many fonts and colors that clash with one another. A quick, easy way improve it would be to stick to one or two fonts that complement one another. I also think that changing the colors of the text boxes to Google’s colors would make the design more cohesive and pleasing to the eye – the current colors are kind of bland.

    I would like to take this opportunity to remind designers and agencies of the importance of proofreading your infographics before they go live: this one has several typos. Killer Infographics has also accidentally missed typos from time to time, so it is a common mistake. Be sure to double-check! All that said, I am still going to refer to this cheat-sheet as I get to know this new social media platform – I had no idea how much there was to Google+!

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