Not an Infographic: Actors in Woody Allen Movies


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This was submitted to us by the folks at It is a very interesting idea, and the design incorporates all of the images very well. However, this is not an “infographic” in the traditional sense. There is no data visualization and it does not really tell a story. A way that this could work would be to show a comparison chart of the bigger Woody Allen movies so we can see which movies they were in with one another and how many. A good example of this is one that we did for Save Today Auto Insurance on the Fast and the Furious franchise.

I really hate to do it because it is such a new idea, but I have to give this “infographic” an D. The design is not data-driven and the subject is something that while challenging, could be visualized in a way that is more organized and gives the reader more information. That said, I really think this infographic is a great idea! This would certainly appeal to any Woody Allen fan, and I would love to see what it looks like with a little more information and data visualization!

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  • I fear “infographic” is a contraction of “information” and “graphic” so I’m not sure you get to define its meaning yourself, whatever your profession may be. But even if you did;

    The aim is to present all the information as clearly and concisely as possible in a static image. But if the data is already very simple, I don’t think your idea of “showing a comparison chart of the bigger Woody Allen movies so we can see which movies they were in with one another and how many” is a better example of an infographic, it’s an example of a different one altogether – you’re simply adding more, arguably irrelevant information for the sake of it.

    I think this submitter has thought about what they were doing a lot harder than you have, and I think your analysis is very lazy indeed – accusing them of creating something that’s not even an infographic, and throwing together a meaningless suggestion for a substitute, does not convince.

    From one data visualisation geek to another – remember it’s not about sniffing numbers, it’s about conveying information visually. Simple data = simple graphic. This guy’s not in the business of impressing other web geeks, and neither should you be. Neither are the infographics themselves, for that matter.

    Unconvinced October 10, 2014 5:22 pm Reply

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