Noise: What You Need To Hear Infographic

Noise what you need to hear

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Almost every person living in the world has to deal with hearing a variety of noises each day. Every area has unique noises, from the honk happy city of New York to the secluded tribes in parts of South America. This infographic from takes a look at noises and human hearing, with insights into human noises versus natural noises. One of the loudest man made noises would be that of an atomic bomb, and right behind it in nature is the eruption of a volcano. It notes that the speed of sound is around 767 miles per hour, and if you have ever heard a sonic boom from a plane, then you have heard the sound barrier breaking.

Other statistics on the infographic dive deep into soundproofing techniques, and the materials that can be used to contain sound. One section on the infographic is dedicated to the iPod Nano, and illustrates how long you can safely listen to music at certain volume levels. At 60% volume you can listen for 8 hours, but at 100% volume you can only safely listen for 1 minute.

Overall this infographic is informative, but it has little to do with which focuses on contractor remodeling. The biggest complaint I have is that it is way too busy, as everything from the background to the amount of images they crammed into the infographic seems a bit much.


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