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This infographic was submitted to us by for the upcoming film by Sony, Priest. The infographic covers different types of movie genres and sub genres, and compares other famous films to Priest based on the number and range of genres that they cover.

What I really love about this infographic is the color scheme. All of the colors look great on their own and compliment each other well. I also like the somewhat faded look of all of the icons. The icons themselves are another story. I like the design of each icon: they are clean, unique, and all of them actually fit with the specific genre that they represent. Some of them are pretty difficult to read, though – I actually had to squint to make out the icon for the “western” genre.

The list of films has a couple of big problems. The list of films doesn’t seem to follow in any sort of order at all. I have no idea why specific films were included in the list and why they are in the order they are in. It vaguely looks like they are grouped by genre, but that is really only clear if you have seen some of these movies. This should be clear from simply looking at the chart, but the icons are so scattered that it is difficult to tell which genres these films are under without running your finger across the screen. Grouping the films more clearly and listing the genres all the way across the top of the comparison chart could fix both of these problems. I do like that Priest is listed last.

The last thing is that this infographic only conveys one data set. It may work to include additional data, such as the average revenue per genre or how much dough each of these films brought in.

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