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This infographic, from, is an interesting look at some random statistics about money in the food industry. It starts out with a focus on the cow, whose meat is a major part of the American diet. They illustrate that only 500 lbs of an 1,000 pound cow is edible. Out of that 500 lbs, they estimate about 112 lbs are used to make hamburgers, which they equate to roughly 450 Quarter Pounders that you would typically purchase at McDonalds. Looking more into McDonalds, they note that the company said in 2005 that they sold 75 burgers a second for the entire year. This equates to 14,400 cows that are required each day for McDonalds to meet their customers demands.

The infographic then goes into statistics on tipping, and give averages on how well we tip in America, as well as tips for waiters and waitresses to earn larger gratuity. It also shows that tipping is not cool in some countries, like Japan, China, and South Korea. What many people will find most interesting on this infographic is the celebrity insights provided at the end of the infographic. They call out some big celebrity tippers like Johnny Depp, Mary J Blige, Willie Nelson, and Bill Murray. They also call out some of the so called worst tippers who are reported to not tip at all. These celebrities include Madonna, Sean Penn, Lindsay Lohan, and Mariah Carey.

Overall this is a fun infographic, but I am a bit confused on the true purpose, as it seems like a bunch of random statistics thrown together that relate to the food industry. I would prefer that the infographic had a more logical flow, or more specific target.


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