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This “infographic” comes to us from Geekaphone. Here is what they had to say regarding their submission:

Shhh, did you hear that? That buzzing on the phone line… the weird clicking and echo, you know what that is? That’s the FBI recording your phone calls… or maybe Rupert Murdoch getting ready for a full page spread on your dirty little secrets. Put on your tinfoil hat and join us in seeing how secure your phone is. Geekaphone spent some time looking at wiretapping and how your phone can be used against you. Is the government spying on you? Probably not, but we have a list of ways to secure your phone and make sure that it is harder for someone to spy on you.

Overall, I have to give this infographic a C-. Though this covers an interesting subject (I never knew so much about Blackberrys or phone wiretapping!) it cannot really be called an infographic – there is absolutely no data visualization. I think that including (and visualizing) some statistics regarding the security level of Blackberrys versus other phones would be a good statistic to include.

I really like the top section with all of the world leaders – it’s clean and the images are incorporated well. As for the overall aesthetic of the “infographic,” it is pretty mediocre. The illustrations are pretty bland, and although the images look simple and clean, combining this many images with complicated illustrations makes the whole thing feel a bit scattered. The “infographic” is not cohesive – right now, the top half and the bottom half could easily be completely separate from one another. In this case, sticking to illustrations or images alone could really improve the “infographic.”

It’s a good start, and I do really like the idea for this “infographic” – with some actual data visualization, it could be really interesting! This is something people definitely want to and should know about – but you have to find a way to hook them in.

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