Mo Data: The Everyguyed Guide to the Stache (Infographic)


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This infographic on mustache statistics comes to us from the folks over at It is an absolutely fantastic (and funny) overview of different facts about mustaches. I like how simple the infographic is and how it remains cohesive with the brand of the Everyguyed website. The Tom Selleck image is pretty great, as well – a fairly accurate representation of the real thing.

The design is simple, which is nice. The gray boxes in all of the headings seem weird and out of place, though. They don’t really seem to tie in so much as just sit there. The other area for improvement is the section with the pie graphs. It could be better to have the different sections of the pie graphs be different colors just to make the whole thing a bit more clear. I understand not wanting to do outside the very simple color scheme, so it could work to have each slice be different shades of red and gray. Another option would be to have lines connecting the different statistics to their respective spots on the pie graphs. Essentially, this section should be reworked to avoid the redundancy of calling out each percentage point twice.

All in all, this is a fantastic infographic on a unique and fun subject. Kudos to Everyguyed!


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