Infographic About the Miners Stuck in Chile

miners trapped in Chile
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This infographic details the current plight of the 33 miners stuck in the San Jose mine in Chile. The infographic is highly informative and does a great job of summing up the situation in a way that is respectful and concise. The miners became stuck on August 5-6th when part of the tunnel collapsed at 500 meters deep. It took until August 22nd for rescue workers to make first contact, but rescuers can only send down food and supplies while they work to drill a hole 75cm wide to evacuate each miner one-by-one. Chile estimates that this could take until December 22nd while the US is hoping for a rescue to occur by September 25th.

This infographic adds a personal touch by including images of each of the 33 miners, a letter to from one miner to his wife, and images of the tent city created for family members to remain nearby. Of the 33 miners, one has diabetes and another has silicosis. They recently moved an additional 200 meters deep to a dryer area where they can avoid fungal infections that the dampness of their recent dwelling could cause. Ultimately, this infographic is a great way to better comprehend the situation and helps to bring this issue to a clear and present reality that should spread awareness and help with relief efforts.


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