Microsoft vs. Apple: The History of Computing (Infographic)


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This infographic comes to us from the people at Manolution. Here is what they had to say about their infographic upon submitting it to us:

As Richard Nixon destroyed happiness with his war on drugs, the 1970’s saw the world’s first personal computers, inspiring five geeks to start a pair of companies which would go on to shape the future of computing as we know it. This infographic details every major event and product launch for these two companies, complete with the corresponding historical stock price for each point of interest.

There are several things about this infographic that just do not really work. Though it is pretty common for infographics to feature a time line as the primary data set, this time line is way too long. It takes too long to scroll down and read through the entire infographic. There are several pieces of information here that could probably be left out to make room for more data visualization. There are a couple of graphs for data visualization at the beginning and end of the piece, but they are very boring and could definitely be made more interesting. Right now, they look like something that was just put together in Excel.

Overall, the design of this infographic is very dated – the aesthetic is very 1990’s, though the information covered goes through the present time. An infographic covering modern products from both Microsoft and Apple should be just as current in its design – this design does not even include the current logos for either company.

Paring down the text, shortening the time line, adding more interesting graphs and overhauling the design in favor of a more modern one would be the best ways to improve this infographic.

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