Michael Arringtons Road to Millions Infographic

Michael Arringtons Road to Millions
Via: GigaOm

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The Internet was buzzing this week when it was announced that Michael Arrington has decided to let AOL acquire his super popular tech blog called TechCrunch. This recent infographic on GigaOm was produced by Column Five media, to cover this new hot topic. It is quite surprising that it was only 5 years ago in 2005 that Arrington started TechCrunch, as it quickly jumped up in popularity and became a go-to source for Internet related news. One thing that helped out the site succeed was when TechCrunch was the first to report that Google had acquired YouTube, which seemed to be a tipping point that started a spur of online acquisitions by a variety of companies over the next few years.

In 2007 Arrington started to step things up, as he hired Heather Harde as the CEO of TechCrunch, and soon after the company had their first tech conference dubbed TechCrunch 40. TechCrunch continued to hire great people as shown in this infographic and cover a number of popular stories, often being first to the punch. As Arrington created a brand, it attracted people at AOL, who enjoy buying brands, and TechCrunch was a great fit to their content kingdom.

Overall this is a useful infographic, that gives a quick overview of how Arrington took TechCrunch from nothing, to an AOL acquisition. It seems like this infographic was put out to capitalize on the buzz about the AOL acquisitions, as it is light on facts about how TechCrunch grew over time. It would have been great to see more data on traffic growth, and their revenue strategy that allowed the site to become attractive to AOL.


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