Mario Brothers Sales Over the Years

Mario sales

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One of the signs of a successful infographic is when it’s in a completely different language, yet it can still be understood and easy to digest. This infographic, by, does a good job of accomplishing just that, as, even though it’s in French, it’s still easy to get the basic concept without speaking the language. This infographic displays the popularity of the Nintendo Mario games starting with Super Mario Bros. in 1985 all the way to Super Mario Galaxy 2 in 2010. It’s interesting to see how different games achieved a different level of following, and very interesting the the most popular was the first game ever. Despite all of the improvements made to Super Mario over the years, the first one still prevails as the most popular game of all.

What’s nice about this infographic is that it’s laid out as a simple bar graph, and it uses popular images from the Super Mario games to make that bar graph more appealing and fun. While it shows number of copies sold, it would be nice to see how many copies sold in year one, so that a true gauge of popularity could occur. It would also be nice to see the total profits each game has brought in.


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