Making Semi Trucks More Efficient


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This infographic comes to us from Isaac at and showcases a variety of facts and statistics that would make semi-trucks more efficient. Upon submitting the infographic, we were told the following:

Back in the day, semi-trucks would get 2 to 3 MPG. These days they achieve around 7 to 8 MPG in test environments, with 6 MPG being the average in reality.

Based on a 100 mile distance, the difference between 3 MPG and 8 MPG is 20.8 gallons! This would equate to a Boeing 747 flying for 20 seconds!

Improving Efficiency – Companies are tirelessly attempting to increase the efficiency with turbocharging, front aerodynamics, rear aerodynamics, and transmissions.

  • Gap Enclosure: reduces aerodynamic drag in the gap between the tractor and trailer.
  • Side Skirts: improves aerodynamics and reduces airflow under the trailer in crosswinds.
  • Side Mirror Design: reconfigures shape and support systems to reduce aerodynamic drag.
  • Boat Tails: tapers back of trailer to minimalize wake airflow.

By improving the aerodynamics of a semi truck, the overall drag could be reduced by at least 23%.
If semi-trucks improved their efficiency by only 10% it would result in almost 1 billion gallons of fuel saved per year… 8 Times the amount spilled during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill … enough to fill over 1500 Olympic swimming pools … Or traveling around the world over 2000 times in a Prius (Over 50,000,000 miles saved!)

Overall, the infographic is very well designed and easy to grasp. The only thing that’s missing is a list of sources and a logo for Not having a logo is always problematic with infographics, as people can post them and claim credit for them. Not having sources is also problematic, as it sometimes makes stats hard to believe. If this infographic does go viral, it’s unlikely that will get credit for it, so hopefully they’ll include their logo on future infographics.


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