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The folks over at put together another headstone infographic, this time about Valentine’s day. Viewers are always compelled by the morbid or weird, and this infographic has those elements in spades. Given that, I’m not surprised this went viral. That said, this doesn’t follow the necessary foundations of an infographic. In other words, there is no data being visualized in this design, it is instead a great deal of text with some pictures beside it. If all the pictures were to be taken out of the infographic, it would still display all the same information… therefor it’s not a graphical representation of information as much as a well designed topical article. iMortuary has some great ideas for infographics, I just wish they were presented more like infographics and that the design was unique (they used the exact same headstone design from their last infographic).

As mentioned, the concept is great, the data is very interesting, and the funny stories make it clear why this went viral, but the design is sub par at best. It’s conceptualized well, but since it’s been done before, it doesn’t have any wow factor.

Here’s what the folks at iMortuary have said about this infographic: “12 weird and fascinating tales intertwining love and death — just in time for Valentine’s Day. Strange things happen when love meets death.”

To improve this infographic, I think that a completely unique design should have been used. I think that a great deal of data could have been added to this infographic so that it didn’t rely only on text to drive the story. Data could include number of deaths on Valentine’s day year over year, number of near deaths, number of heart tattoos given on Valentine’s day, etc.

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