Love Your Eyes: An “Infographic” to Help Keep Your Eyes Healthy


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This comes to us from the folks at Ultralase and covers several aspects of taking care of your eyes. I gave this infographic a C+. The design is great, but there is a lot of great information here that unfortunately none of it can really be visualized. It is definitely possible to find information that could be visualized for this, though. For the diet section, add in information about how much of which foods and in what proportions to one another are necessary for healthy eyes. The section telling me that I could see a candle from 14 miles away is a good place to elaborate, too. What other super vision powers could healthy eyes give me? It would also be good to clarify what exactly makes and eye healthy. How is that being defined?

The section on can damage eyes takes of the majority of this “infographic” – it could easily be condensed into a smaller section and leave room for new information. The very bottom section could easily be expressed visually – maybe have an elaborate rainbow or grayscale for the respective sentences.

Finally, I don’t know how great an idea it is to tell the reader, “Your eyes are amazing,” more than once, especially if there isn’t enough information here on just how amazing they are! Why not give evidence for this claim in the data rather than repeating the sentiment?

This designer is obviously talented, and I would love to see what this would look like had it contained some actual data visualization and a lot less text. What do you think?


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