Loans in Britain Infographic

Loans in Britain

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This infographic, by, provides some intersting facts about loans and debt in Great Britain both in the past and present day. While it’s a fairly short infographic, it does cover some interesting stats, like the fact that there are over 72million credit cards in circulation and only 62million people living in Great Britain. 21.9million credit and debit card transactions are made in any single day in the country, which averages just over 1.1billion spent per day. Another interesting fact is that the average credit card balance in Great Britain is about 5,129 pounds.

All in all, the layout of this infographic is nice and very easy to comprehend, but the amount of data is a bit sparse. It would be nice to know a few more facts, like how debt in Great Britain relates to debt in other countries as well. It would also be interesting to see year over year data related to debt and credit card spending in the country.


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