Labor Day by the Numbers Infographic

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Labor day by the numbers
Source: Fixr

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Although Labor Day is now behind us, this infographic gives a good representation of what should have occurred this previous weekend. It suggests that 34.4million people will have traveled more than 50 miles away from home for the long weekend. Expected spending was $697, but the infographic doesn’t explain whether this is per person, couple, family, etc. All in all, the infographic does a good job of showing how our economy is improving, and the imagery in the shape of the US map is a nice touch. Unfortunately, that imagery also makes things a little confusing, as some might think that this is showing jobs by geographic location upon first glance.

The bottom part of this infographic is pretty funny, as it shows the top 10 songs people listen to during a Labor Day BBQ and the top 10 movies people watch. I’m surprised Office Space is number 7 instead of number 1, but not everyone has my taste. All in all, it’s a fun infographic that is easy to digest with a simple design. Not too bad for an infographic about Labor Day.


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