Just How Big is the Airbus A380?


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This infographic comes to us from, a website that acts as a travelocity of sorts for Australia. The infographic details the ins and outs of the Airbus A380. It states that the A380 is the world’s largest aircraft. It goes on to state:

The A380 made its landmark debut with Singapore Airlines, carrying 450 passengers on its first flight to Sydney from Singapore.

To prepare for the super jumbo jet’s arrival, Sydney Airport authorities spent $128 million to upgrade its infrastructure which included the widening of runways, the reinforcement of underground tunnels and the construction of special air bridges to accommodate the A380’s double-decker design.

Upon submitting this infographic, Flight Centre had the following to say:

The Airbus A380 is the world’s largest commercial passenger aircraft. The aircraft has two full decks and can potentially carry over 800 people in an all economy set up. However, all the airlines flying the A380 so far carry less than this with a range of classes on offer from economy up to individual first class ‘suites’ that are fully enclosed.

All in all, this is a very well put together infographic. It’s very easy to digest and uses a great deal of imagery to show fun and surprising facts. The infographic begins by comparing the plane to a whale and giraff, next it goes on to show the weight of this large aircraft, followed by fuel economy, and then suitcase count. The infographic also has a great color pallet, which matches the brand of Flight Centre, which is a great way to maintain credit for the infographic, should it go viral.

The infographic does a great job with branding, a


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