iPad Sales in the UK (Infographic)


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This infographic is a visual breakdown of iPad sales in the UK and comes to us from the, a site for Free Classifieds in the UK.

I think that this infographic is very well done. I like that the color scheme is consistent with the logo. It makes the whole thing much more cohesive, especially since the logo is modestly sized and not overbearing. All the data is clearly labeled and visualized nicely. The map showing the iPad sales is pretty creative and is probably the best way to compare listing prices interestingly. I also really enjoy the section showing the proportions of iPad sales in London compared to the rest of the UK – it’s a nice alternative to a standard bar graph and has the same effect. It also flows a lot nicer with the infographic and makes it look less chunky.

The only thing I do not like about the infographic is the heading. I don’t think that the bright red “Sell! Sell!” goes well with the rest of the infographic. It would probably be better to have the title of the infographic in a color more similar to the overall color scheme so that it flows better.

Tell us what you think! How would you change this infographic, if at all?

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