Infographic: Your Guide to Baby Proofing


Baby Proofing Your Home – An infographic by the team at Baby Care Journals

This infographic was submitted to us by Baby Care Journals.

There are a lot of indispensable tips here for ensuring that your home is ready when your baby gets moving. The illustrations are all very helpful in showing expectant or new parents exactly how these safety tips can be enacted around their home. Although it shares a lot of information, it’s also not too long — so it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to get all of the info.

That said, this graphic could use a bit less text throughout. While it’s important to properly explain why/how to babyproof the home, with so many tips included it really gets heavy quickly. There are a lot of easy places to cut just a few words — and it really makes a world of difference. For example:

“Place covers [or sliding plates] over unused outlets[;] Use outlet covers or sliding outlet platesinstead of avoid [choking risks like] outlet plugs, which can pose a choking risk.”
“Don’t hang shelves or artwork directly over baby’s crib for obvious reasons.”

It would also be nice to see more numbers/statistics. Although morbid, numbers on this topic really would help to prove the point. For example, the stat about 2,000 children ages 14 and under dying annually is a good stat to help prove that proofing your house is really important. If there are similar numbers about how many children die or are injured from a few of the specific rooms/appliances mentioned (the stat about drowning is a good example), it would be impactful to include them.

In all I’d give this infographic a B — great info, good visual connections to the tips, but some more data and less text would bring it up considerably.

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