Infographic: Your Field of Dreams: Alternative Landscaping to Fit A Homeowner’s Eccentric Needs


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This infographic was submitted to us by Arnold Parts.

This design starts out really well by using a house landscape scene to point out all the elements the infographic will go on to explain.

The best way to continue this, though, would be to continue to use descriptive imagery to reduce reliance on the text explanations for each element. The rest of the infographic is heavily text-based, using just one image to represent each section instead of attempting to break down each bullet point with icons, illustrations, or other visual aides.

There are also a few typos (under “Scale” the copy reads “his” where it should say “this,” under “Focal Point” the word “Cottage” doesn’t need to be capitalized, etc.) that reduce the professional appearance of the infographic.

In all I’d give this a B-. It could use some better proofing, greater reliance on imagery, and a conclusion (it currently just ends without a statement to tie it up, although there is an intro) to boost that grade.

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